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The opportunities offered by the different programs at national, European and World-wide level are able to give your organization valuable financial support, through which, in a relatively short time, you can realize your strategic goals and dreams. To make your intentions a reality, DAV will assume the overall design of your project proposal in all required aspects:

» We will examine your project idea and make a preliminary assessment of your organization

» We will find the most suitable programs for you, your business and its sustainable development

» Together, we will determine the optimal scope, purpose and activities of your project proposal to ensure its maximum competitiveness

» We will create a team of key experts to prepare the project proposal and all the necessary documents and we will ensure that they meet all requirements – legal, normative and program based

» We will further your project proposal application and will monitor its status on a daily basis until the final stage of evaluation

» In this period, we will assist you in communicating with the Managing Authority of the Program, on issues, clarifications and additional documents required.

Approving a project proposal and signing a Grant Contract is only the first step in the long – usually 1 to 3 year way of absorbing your funds from the program. The strictly defined rules and procedures, by the grant programs, will take away much of your time. In this regard, DAV offers to be at your disposal throughout the entire project period until its formal completion, with:

» Creating a team of key experts, with clearly defined tasks, which will work together, for the achievement of the project goal

» We will create and maintain an up-to-date project archive

» Constant support in communication with the programs’ Managing Authority, as well as other project-related institutions

» Preparation and submission of interim and final technical and financial reports

» Preparation and submission of payment orders – advance, intermediate and final

» Negotiations with financial institutions if the project requires the use of a credit financial instrument

The sustainability of a project is one of the most important indicators for almost all programs providing direct funding. With each past programming period, project control has been strengthening and is currently 3 to 5 years after project finalization. If problems are found, within this time range, with the results and / or assets of the project, a financial correction may be imposed and reimbursement of corresponding amounts, on an already completed and paid for project, may be requested. To minimize this risk, DAV offers you after-project service where:

» We will advise you on how to meet the requirements of the respective program to achieve and maintain the projects’ results and their sustainability

» We will provide assistance in follow-up monitoring by the program supervisor

»In case of problems and inconsistencies we will protect your interests against a possible financial correction

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