Choosing or purchasing of real estate property - regulated and unregulated land properties

The analysis affects the natural, technical, geographic and communication features and qualities of the property, possibilities and optimization of absorption and construction, expected structural parameters. Analysis of the possibilities for building according to the active spatial plans.

Choosing or purchasing of real estate property – building or a part of one

The professional opinion includes analysis and assessment of the building-technical, physical and functional state of the existing estate, possibilities for partitioning, reforming, optimization, reconstruction, change of purpose, etc., as well as for possible interior design solutions.

Forthcoming investment intentions

It is an analysis of the possibilities for construction on the property, comparative characteristics for achieving acceptable spatial parameters and if necessary – drafting a motivated visa proposal.

Awarding construction rights for compensations

The consultation services tackle the special relationship between owner / owners / entrepreneur / constructing company /. Affects issues related to ownership, inheritance cases, choice of compensation type, compensation principles, peculiarities of contractual relations.

Reading the Territorial Development Act (TDA) – procedures, particularities, cases

The consultations are mainly related to the technical aspects of questions concerning the TDA procedures. Separate areas of counseling include the following:

» Real estate properties as object of formation, acquisition, transfer, partition, etc.;

» Detailed Site Development Plans – regulation of land properties, conditions, opportunities, peculiarities. Construction plans;

» Detailed Site Development Plans – amendments to the Plans for Regulation and Construction. Opportunities and conditions;

» Rules regarding construction, types of construction;

» Investment design, coordination and approval of investment projects, Building permission;

» Participants in the construction process;

» Completion of construction, entry into exploitation;

» Restricted real estate rights – right to build, superstructure rights, extending structure building rights and rights of usage.

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