Surveying and restoration of building papers

The need can arise in case of lost or destroyed construction papers, as well as when it is necessary to carry out procedures for: establishment of the area and the volume, real-estate trading, passportization, partitioning, designing, reconstruction, redevelopment or upgrading, preparation of specialized support schemes, etc.

Feasibility studies

The need arises because of larger and unclear investment intentions and objects, where pre-requisite financial clarity of future construction investments is required, with a vague concept of vision and content of the future object, as well as its functional capabilities. These studies are a very good basis for preparing a detailed design program.

Study and preparation before design

This is an opportunity that is required when there is no need for feasibility studies in detailed and graphic form and refers to relatively smaller and medium-sized objects and buildings, where it is appropriate and possible to analyze the preparation of the investment design – program for design, survey and acquisition parameters, motivated proposal for issuance of a “visa” /sketch with specified way of construction/.

Investment Architectural Design

An essential feature of the activity is to study and design in a detailed graphical and analytical look of the assigned object only on the “architectural” part. It is offered as a service when the Contractor only needs an architectural design or when the other specialties have a separate assignment. The projects can be as follows: new individual construction, new complex of construction, superstructuring, overhauling, reconstruction, change of purpose, designation of purpose etc.

Complex investment design

This is the most frequently used service, which includes the complete set of investment projects encompassing all of the the individual specialties and represents a complete product with the necessary volume and content for approval by the specialized administration in order to obtain a Building Permit.

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